Intro to Amateur Radio

With amateur radio you can talk to people all over the world. Yes, it’s possible.

So, what is it? It’s a hobby with a huge edge among other hobbies. It’s a technical hobby that lets you exchange with millions of amateur radio operators all around the world. With it, you can get international contacts, contests and awards, experimenting, knowledge and skills, and social events.

There are so many aspects to the hobby. Technical experimentation, competitions, and the opportunity to work at special event field days, and a chance to send messages to satellites and international space stations.

Even Julie Payette who is an astronaut also encourages people to contact her team while she is in space.

Many people are communicating in these radio signals every day.

It’s really fun to tune it to random things in the world, for example, morse code somewhere in Russia. Or something of that nature. A signal and a sound from somewhere around the world.

You can even amateur radio rallies. There are so many chances to meet other people and have a sense of community.