How A Radio Station Works


You’ll be surprised how you can set up a radio station in a basement, even with low-tech, ancient style broadcasting studio.

At the heart of every studio is a broadcast board. You have your CD players, and then another mixing board to add as a supplement, you can even have cassette players, a telephone for callers, two monitors, and a couple of microphones and headphones.

You can get some turntables too. Those are the essential hardware when it comes to setting up a radio station.

You can go through all that yourself, or you can hire someone to take care of all that for you. There are various companies that offer broadcasting turn-key solutions.

You can even run an online radio with just a mixer, a laptop, a headphone jack connector, an adaptor for your jack and plug it in the channel 4 of the mixer, and then a mixer’s USB cable into the laptop. Now all you need is a good microphone, and another laptop if you like for your Skype caller, then you just need a couple more plugs and adapters.