6 Points in History That Affected Radio

Radio has come a long way from its humble beginnings. From huge bulky apparatuses, you can now have radio on your smartphone. Let’s take a look at 10 points in history and how it has shaped radio. The first is in 1928 when the first auto-change gramophone was introduced. This is that old player that […]

3 Tips To Improve Your Radio Advertisement

It seems that people have already saturated all the original ideas of radio advertising, but nothing can be farther from the truth. The human mind is capable of thinking of an unlimited amount of ideas. There are many ways towards thinking of such an idea. Here are 7 tips to help you improve your radio […]

The Best Ham Radios of 2016

Ham Radios are the common choice for the person who has the hobby of travelling and communicating. It can be used anywhere and everywhere. In times of emergency a ham radio has the biggest important role in saving lives. The role of ham radio is to help finding somebody for help and giving you  a […]

Why You Should Learn to Love Ham Radio

We should all learn to love ham radio because it is very useful in our everyday life. Most specifically for the people who has business and it needs a hands on kind of attention, it is very important to have this kind of handsets. Nowadays, we have a lot of communication gadgets, mobile phones, social […]

Ham Radio For Dummies

Ham Radio for dummies is the best tutorial guidelines for the licencing of you ham radio. It was made by the experts in the communication world to be able to give an easy guidelines for the people who has the passion of having a handset at home in the office or even the people who are […]

Amateur Certification — Fact Sheet

Originally, Amateur radio operators were being issued a two kinds of separate authorization, one is for the Amateur radio operator license and the other one is the license for the radio stations. the license for the amateur radio operators are being issued for free and it can be renewed annually with free of charge. Every […]

How Ham Radio Works

Ham Radio are kind of communication transceivers that can communicate every anywhere in the world. It is permitting you to be able to hear the communication from other sources. It is also allowing one individual to be able to participate in a conversation that you can hear in another two parties having a communication. Your […]

How to Talk to Someone Using Ham Radio

Operating ham radio is a very cool thing, but it is also strange to talking to someone else using it. QSO is the term it you are talking to someone else at the other line, Even though it is a little confusing the first time you have contact it will go smooth in the middle […]

What is Ham Radio or Amateur Radio?

Ham radio or amateur radio is well known leisure of time and services that is bringing the people electronic technology way of communication. This is the way of communicating wireless all over the town and all over the world. You will be meeting a lot of people from using this and it has a very […]

Guide to Amateur Radio for New Hams

Your neighbor has an amateur radio and you are getting curious and decided to have one, but of course you don’t know what to do how to start and you need a help here are some guide for you to be able to familiarize all the requirements of starting to have a new hobby of […]