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The radio has been around for decades. Even up til today it still stays relevant despite the technological boom of other forms of entertainment such as smartphones and TVs. Radio still holds its own as a means to enjoy the pleasure of music, news, and comedy from DJs, as well as helpful anecdotes and pieces of advice from educational and drama programs.

When there is a typhoon that wipes out the electricity, you can trust on your portable radio to tell you what’s happening in the world around you. When there is a commotion in your city, you can trust your radio to give you point by point details on the situation as it happens. That is the power of the radio.

When you want to know the happenings of the city, radio advertisements have catchy jingles and smooth talking voices that will tell you what’s the hottest in products and services.

It’s amazing how a small box can catch radio signals from the air and convert that signal into sound. Up until this day, the science of it all is still fascinating if you really think about it.

In this website you can explore everything there is to know about how to set up your own station. It’s easier than you may think. You can also learn more things about the radio, like how to be a DJ.

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